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한국어 - 사이트 맨 하단에 언어 선택을 변경 

中文 - 更改网站底部的语言选择

日本語 - サイトの一番下に言語選択を変更

How to use (Web Site or Telegram) 

1. Redeem and use points on the current website - Download from the website

2. Monthly sponsorship in the Telegram room - Real-time viewing and downloading using Telegram

You can preview the material in the publicly open Telegram room below.

https://bit.ly/3429tP6 <- Click

https://bit.ly/3rOoZc0 <- Click (IOS users)

Sponsorship method

Patreon (credit card and PayPal) and cryptocurrency can be supported.

1. Patreon (overseas payment credit or debit card and PayPal)

https://bit.ly/3oKXKMH <- go to Petrion

Click Become a patron

Select the desired payment rate (select a total of 7 donation amounts)

$10 Standard Subscriber Plan

- Data on a monthly basis

Enter the Telegram room with an invitation code in the post

$80 Unlimited Subscription

- All data from the end of 2018 to the present (this month) are provided

- Pay $80 And Change the Sponsorship Amount to $7 or $14.  (There is no additional payment.)

Send us the name or email address of your Patreon account in a telegram message. 

$7 and $14 plans are only available to unlimited subscribers($80)

Unlimited Subscriber Plan $7 / month

Plan for subscribers with unlimited subscription, invitation code provided at the beginning of each month

Unlimited Subscriber SVIP Plan $14 / month

Plan for subscribers with unlimited subscription, monthly basic and SVIP video provided

 Sponsorship to recharge website points

After donating the desired amount (to prevent re-payment), cancel the subscription.

In addition, you need to write the payment amount on the website 1:1 bulletin board to be charged.

If charging is delayed, please leave a message by email or Telegram and we will reply after charging is complete.

(*Can only be downloaded when charging more than once and over 100 points)

(**VIP data can only be downloaded when you have more than 1500 points)

Sponsored $9.9 Website 1,000 points

Sponsored $19.9 Website  2,200 points (10% additional offer)

Sponsored $29.9 Website  3,500 points (17% additional offer)

2. Virtual currency safe payment

We support Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin and USD Coin and give you an extra 100 points.

$10 1,100 points (10% bonus)


$20 2,300 points (15% bonus)


$30 3,600 points (20% bonus)


FREE Points (free transfer amount)


For inquiries, please use email or Telegram.

Email: [email protected] Telegram: @see2nj

PS. If you have charged at least once, log in once every day, +2 points per day 365x2 = 730 free points for a year!

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