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◈ How to Use ◈

◈ Method 1: Charging Points on the Current Site for Use

- Downloading videos from the website

◈ Method 2: Sponsorship on a Monthly Basis via Telegram for Use

- Real-time video viewing and downloading using Telegram

※ Please use email and Telegram for inquiries.

Telegram: @see2nj <- https://t.me/see2nj

Email: [email protected]

◈ Telegram Preview, Subscription and Channel Guide ◈

<- https://bit.ly/3SzCOsA

◈ Charging Points on the Website ◈

• After payment, you must post a message on the website's 1:1 board to proceed.

(Please only write down the sponsored amount.)

• If there is a delay in charging,

please leave a message via email or Telegram, and we will reply after the charge is completed.

𖤐 Download available only after charging more than once and having 100 points or more.

𖤐𖤐 VIP materials are available for download only when you have 1,500 points or more.

PS. Those who have charged at least once will receive +2 points per day if they log in once a day, which is 365x2 = 730 free points per year!

◈ Credit Card

Accepts overseas payment credit or debit cards

 ◈ $9.9 Sponsorship

 • Offer 1,000 points


 ◈ $19.9 Sponsorship

 • 2,200 points provided (10% extra)


 ◈ $29.9 Sponsorship

 • 3,500 points provided (17% additional offer)


 ◈ Patreon

 <- https://bit.ly/3Qvge1K

 (Overseas payment by credit or debit card and PayPal)

 • Be sure to cancel your subscription after donating the desired amount to avoid re-payment.

 ◈ Virtual currency

 • Supports multiple cryptocurrencies and gives you an extra 100 points.

 ◈ $10 1,100 points (10% bonus)


 ◈ $20 2,300 points (15% bonus)


 ◈ $30 3,600 points (20% bonus)


 ◈ FREE Points


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